What Happens During Car Accident Cases

Most car accident cases and claims get resolved before lawsuits are filed, and of the ones that are filed, most get resolved in settlements before the trial begins.

But sometimes things aren’t that lucky, and not every case can be settled outside of court. Sometimes the parties are unable to agree on this, or maybe the parties agree that the person got injured, but no agreement on the compensation amount happens when they try to make it work. 

If that happens, you might wonder what may happen. Well, you’re in luck as we’ll look at the different ways that these trials occur, and what happens during these. 

Jury Selection 

Most of the time the jury is what decides the key parts of car accident cases, most of which are comprised of about 12 people, but sometimes it can be a much lower number. 

The final part of this is called a von dire, which is where the jury members do get selected. They are asked a few questions so the jury can understand a little bit more about what’s going on.  

The Opening Statements 

After they’re selected, the parties make opening statements, with the plaintiff going first, but sometimes the defense may start. This is the part that lays out the case, to prove or refute what’s going on, and usually this is about 15-20 minutes. 

The Presentation of Evidence 

After that, evidence is presented, with the plaintiff going first, because the “burden of proof” lies on the plaintiff. The attorney will call witnesses to present this evidence as well. 

They may have the witnesses testify the observations of what they saw during the incident, and of course what happened after that. They also may call for bystanders or other witnesses for the wreck too. 

There is more of a similar pattern done in this case, especially since not every eyewitness will be the same.  They also may ask questions to get a deeper understanding of the injuries that the plaintiff did suffer from. They also might call on the doctor and other medical people to properly determine what’s been going on. 

The Defense’s Side 

Then it’s the defendant’s turn, which is where they present the evidence and everything necessary to prove that they weren’t at fault.  Due to this, the defendant presents the evidence in the same format, where they call a variety of witnesses to testify to tackle all of the issues related to the case itself. The attorney typically will support these claims too in most cases by calling witnesses.  They might tackle the claims that are there, and also what they might be dealing with. 

Closing Statements 

Finally, there is the closing statements to finish the case. 

This is where the attorneys will give a final statement on the evidence that’s there. this will then persuade the jury to decide whether or not they want to in favor of one side or the other. 

Deliberation from the Jury 

Then there is deliberation from the jury, where they discuss this amongst themselves in order to reach a final settlement. This could take several hours, or take only a few minutes. But there is no set limit on time. 

Finally, they reach a verdict, which they will discuss with the jury, and from there, they will decide who is the winner of the settlement case. 

Typically, these types of cases only take a few days, but if it’s a much lengthier case, then it might end up being a lot longer than before, so it’s important to understand the different parts of the procedures.