The Demand Letter In A Car Accident Injury Case

The first and perhaps one of the most crucial steps in an injury claim after a car accident is a demand letter. This letter is issued by the injured claimant, and it describes the facts and circumstances related to the car accident. It also contains information about the medical treatment and lost wages as consequences of the accident.

Before drafting a demand letter

You or your car accident lawyer can start drafting a demand letter once you have opened a claim with the company providing coverage to the other driver. You will need to gather all the information required to make a forceful argument for why you qualify for a fair entitlement. For this purpose, you have to get a copy of the police report, witness statements, medical bills and records, information about lost wages, and any notes made during the recovery period.

Relating the facts

Although recounting circumstances on your demand letter may seem unnecessary, you have to do it. That way, you can describe your version of events to the opposing party and their compensation company. That will give them a glimpse of the testimony the jury would hear should the case makes it to the courtroom.

During this step, you have to recall the exact sequence of events leading to the accident. You should also explain the direction the at-fault driver was going, weather conditions, and any defensive maneuvers you took to avoid the accident. Make sure to back up your claims with the police report and statements from witnesses. You can bring strong evidence of liability to attention by highlighting the citation in the police report suggesting the fault from the other driver.

Injuries and medical treatment

Providing a detailed account of injuries and their subsequent treatment after the accident is necessary. First off, you will have to describe pain 1or symptoms felt at the accident scene. You will also have to state whether emergency services arrived on time to provide initial treatment. Provide citation to any treatment report prepared at the scene. Be sure to mention all medical treatment from the injury date until you discontinued getting active treatment for the injury. Also, mention names of physicians, and provide details about their clinics.

Medical expenses

After mentioning your medical treatment for car accident injuries, provide an itemized list of your medical bills. It should include the cost of ambulance transportation, prescription medicines, and other medical services. Be sure to attach copies of medical bills.

Lost wages

You may qualify to get compensated for any lost wages after the accident. You will have to provide information about your income and the amount of time or number of days you couldn’t work. You also have to mention if you had to use your vacation time. You can also get a copy of records from your employer to verify the number of days you missed work. Self-employed people should also provide detailed information regarding how to calculate any lost wage amount.

Formulating a demand letter can be hectic, but it remains crucial. You can work with a car accident lawyer to tilt the balance in your favor.