Determining Pain And Suffering In A Car Accident Case

While making a car injury claim, you may wonder how much your case is worth. Companies that compensate for car injuries use several methods to calculate the worth of a personal injury claim. This calculation or evaluation usually involves reimbursement of lost income and medical bills, along with compensation for pain and suffering. Here, we will discuss the “multiplier” and “per diem” methods to calculate the value of a personal injury claim by a car accident lawyer.

The “Multiplier” Method

The most common method used for evaluating pain and suffering damages is to multiply the sum of medical bills and lost wages by a particular number. Car accident lawyers have long been multiplying their clients’ damages by three to get a reasonable damage compensation amount. That means if the sum of your medical bills and lost wages made $6000, you would get $18,000 as compensation using the multiplier method.

Companies have become more reluctant to automatically multiply the sum of damages by three in recent years, though.

Today, companies get the sum of damage and multiply it with a figure determined by complex software programs. The result may often undervalue the victim’s claim. The system used to derive the multiplying figure usually considers the seriousness of the injury, aggravating circumstances, and the length of the recovery. That means the impact of a broken femur and the need to undergo several surgeries will result in a pretty bad experience for a victim as compared to the impact of a minor fender bender.

So, in case of a more serious accident, the multiplier can be three or four. However, the multiplier may be one or two in the case of a fender bender. The multiplier may be even higher if the at-fault driver was intoxicated. On the other hand, the system will generate a lower multiplier to evaluate your compensable pain and suffering if you were partly at fault during the accident.

The type of medical treatment also contributes to the evaluation of a reasonable multiplier. However, companies also check if the claimant asks for the compensation money required for chiropractic treatment of three to four months while there is only a minor soft tissue injury.

The daily rate method

Companies and car accident lawyers calculate compensation of pain and suffering using a daily rate method. This method refers to the calculation of the amount of money you need each you suffer the effects of a car accident.

The most viable method to calculate the daily rate or per diem is to look at the amount of income you earn on a given day.

The most efficient method to calculate the worth of your claim is to use both the multiplier and per diem method to get a reasonable figure. You will have to set your expectations based on a few factors, including the severity of your injuries, the injuries to other people during the accident, and lost workdays.

If you are not sure how to evaluate the compensation for your injuries, you can discuss your case with a car accident lawyer. That individual will help you win the case.