How Do Witness Statements Support Your Car Accident Claim?

The only way for an injured party to get a settlement in their favor in a car accident claim is to have sufficient evidence and support of injury and property damage. The injured party must also prove that they were not at fault during the accident. Their claims get significant support from witness statements.

Supporting claims of innocence

An injured person will qualify for little to no compensation if he or she is responsible for causing the accident. At this point, witness statements can help prove that the injured person was not at fault. These statements can help determine the positions of the cars, the speed of one or both automobiles, statements made by the parties immediately after the accident.

Supporting claims of guilt

Witness statements can assist a party in showing that the injured party was responsible for the accident, whether fully or partially. In most states, the injured party’s compensation is cut by a specific percentage based on the extent to which it is responsible for the accident. Defendants usually try to prove that the other driver was somewhat at fault for the accident and resultant injuries and damages. With the help of witness statements, the jury can conclude whether the injured person or party was at fault.

Supporting claims of injury

Witness statements can help assist the injured party in proving their injury. The eyewitness account of an accident can help the court to ascertain whether or not the claimed injuries happened as a result of the accident. Eyewitnesses can also help the court to determine whether the pain and injuries are as severe as claimed. They get to such a conclusion after witness statements explaining the injured party’s actions and attitude after the accident.

Discrediting injury

The witness statements can also discredit claims of an injury in a similar fashion as they help prove an injury. An eyewitness who viewed a person now claiming to have been injured during the accident walking around the vehicle after the incident can tell that the claimant is not telling the truth. Witness statements are also helpful in determining whether the injury is as severe as claimed.

Good vs. bad witnesses

Remember, not all witnesses are created equal. A witness is credible if his testimony and conduct convince you to think of him as a trustable person. Remember, the credibility of a witness is as important as his testimony. If a witness is not trustable, the content of his testimony wouldn’t matter at all. Moreover, you do not want to bring your case forward with the help of a witness who cannot be trusted. Such a person can damage your case. The jury will not believe your testimony in such a scenario.

Getting a Car Accident Lawyer

The best way to process the personal injury case at your end is to pay attention to all legal formalities related to your case. Your best bet is to hire a car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer is a skilled individual who can bring your case forward on your behalf and help you get a fair settlement.