The Timeline For A Car Accident Case

An accurate timeline for a car accident case is hard to predict. However, you can look into a few things to determine how long a car accident case may take to settle.

  • The number of involved parties
  • Responsible parties’ willingness to cooperate
  • The amount of money as compensation for damages
  • The possibility of the case settlement outside the court
  • Your willingness to file a lawsuit

Note that settling your case as soon as possible is not the right thing always. It can result in you accepting less compensation. Prolonging your case just to look through everything allows you to claim the money you deserve.

A skillful car accident lawyer will help you maintain the right balance between resolving your case and helping you receive the right compensation.

Here are a few steps that you and your attorney have to go through to get the compensation you deserve for your injury in the car accident.

Filing an injury claim

When dealing with compensation companies, make sure not to say too much. Do not speak to the company of the opposing party. You should discuss everything with your car accident lawyer before speaking to anyone else.

Remember, the primary objective of any compensation company is to earn a profit. That is why they will always look for ways to pay you as little as possible. When you speak to a company’s representative after the accident, there is a greater chance that they will find a way to use your words against you.

Your car accident lawyer will file a claim and negotiate with any company on your behalf. He or she will make sure that no words from you get used to threaten the value of your claim.

Requesting damages

The most significant benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer after a car accident is that they can determine the type and degree of damage and make an estimate regarding the compensation you deserve. A car accident lawyer will consider the following things.

  • Medical bills, both current and future
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced capacity to earn money

Once your car accident lawyer looks through everything related to the accident and its impact, he or she can discuss these damages with the appropriate parties.

Negotiating the settlement

After filing the claim and requesting the full damages, you can start with the negotiation process. A skilled car accident lawyer will proceed relentlessly with the process to get every penny you deserve. That is why focusing on the timetable should not be your top priority. Although your bills won’t stop coming in, insisting on completing the process too soon will lead you to agree on everything the opposing party suggests. In the end, you will fall short of the compensation you deserve.h

Ensure that your attorney is with you throughout the process to let you know every option on the table and give you the right advice.

Filing a lawsuit

If an out-of-court negotiation doesn’t result in a positive outcome, you will have to take your case to court where a jury will evaluate your injury claim and give a verdict.